Grupo Cultura Yoso Nuu Viko was formed in 2008 by parents and youth interested in preserving and transmitting indigenous Mixtec traditions and culture, specifically traditional sones and chilenas of the San Juan Mixtepec region of Oaxaca.  Played on violins and guitars, this music plays a crucial role during social events such…
Jennifer Malone (Wukchumni, Tachi, Yowlumni) comes from a long line of basketweavers, including her grandmother, Beatrice Arancis, and her mother, Marie Wilcox.  Jennifer is an active basketry teacher, has partnered with and displayed at many community events, and is a board member of the California Indian Basketweavers Association.  Jennifer is…
In 1999, around 20 people native of San Pablo Tijaltepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, arrived in Taft, California (a small community in the southeastern part of Kern County).  As it happens in many other places, more people from the same community continued to settle in Taft.  Now over a decade later, there…
Oaxacan foodways
Mixtec traditional medicine
Mexican folkloric dance
Custom cowboy boot-making
Hmong qeej
Mexican ranchera music
Western Mono Tumpline weaving