Jeniffer Sanchez is dedicated to preserving the living tradition of Danza Azteca by teaching beading and regalia making. Through classes at Plaza de la Raza and Oxy Arts, she empowers individuals to create their own regalia, fostering cultural pride and identity while raising awareness and support for this important tradition.
El Centro Cultural Techantit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Indigenous culture, art, and education. Their vision includes restoring ancestral roots, cosmovision, and transitions to enhance community well-being. Through inclusive, intergenerational programming, they strive to promote decolonization and dismantle the doctrine of discovery. Centro Cultural Techantit offers a secure haven…
Culturas Music & Arts is a non-profit organization committed to promoting art and culture in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Since its establishment in 2009, Culturas has worked tirelessly to combat stigma by providing art and music venues in the Valley. Culturas has collaborated with artists, musicians, and local organizations to…
A nonprofit supporting the Indigenous/Latino community
Mexica arts, culture, and musical teachings
Residency featuring Indigenous artists from El Pueblo San Pablo Tijaltepec
Danza Azteca/Mexica
Traditional Mexican medicine and birth work
Zapotecan Textile Arts
Indigenous Mexican Conchero Dance