Postcard of Central American indigenous artists and musicians. Courtesy of the organization.

Centro Cultural Techantit

El Centro Cultural Techantit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Indigenous culture, art, and education. Their vision includes restoring ancestral roots, cosmovision, and transitions to enhance community well-being. Through inclusive, intergenerational programming, they strive to promote decolonization and dismantle the doctrine of discovery. Centro Cultural Techantit offers a secure haven for the Indigenous refugee community to unite, providing social support, cultural preservation, education on Indigenous People’s Rights, and valuable resources. They are committed to fostering Indigenous identity and empowerment for a stronger, healthier community.

Living Cultures Grant


Cultura Triqui

Centro Cultural Techantit received funding to support events showcasing Central American Indigenous artists; preservation of ancestral elements of music and performing arts; and instruction of traditional art forms for younger generations.


Festival Marimba

Centro Cultural Techantit received funding for the trilingual Festival Marimba, featuring three local groups performing the marimba, a sacred and secular instrument among the Mayan people who come from Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.

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