Chicano / Latino art vendor at Synergy Music & Arts Festival. Photo courtesy of the organization.

Culturas Music & Arts

Culturas Music & Arts is a non-profit organization committed to promoting art and culture in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Since its establishment in 2009, Culturas has worked tirelessly to combat stigma by providing art and music venues in the Valley. Culturas has collaborated with artists, musicians, and local organizations to conduct various projects and continually expands its vision to better serve the community. Culturas recognizes the universal importance of art and music in cultural expression, and sees them as vital to community development. Their philosophy emphasizes promoting well-being, fostering vibrant and interconnected communities, sharing common experiences among diverse groups, cultivating new perspectives, and fostering understanding.

Living Cultures Grant


Festival del Rebozo

Funding will support a Rebozo Festival featuring the history of the Mexican rebozo, with demonstrations by Purepecha weavers, local women modeling a diverse array of rebozos from different regions of Mexico and demonstrations of how rebozos are utilized during pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and a Tiendita where attendees are able to purchase rebozos, and other traditional cultural arts made by local artisans.

Women Rising paint night. Courtesy of the organization.

Mini ofrendas made by Concepcion Bracamonte. Courtesy of the organization.

Domitila Clemente making paper flowers. Courtesy of the organization.

Purepecha women making pupusas at Synergy Music & Arts Festival in 2012. Courtesy of the organization.

Storytelling by Maria Elena Ramirez at Women Rising 2023. Courtesy of the organization.

Face painting of a Catrina for Dia de los Muertos. Courtesy of the organization.

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