California arts and cultures

Heyday is an independent, nonprofit publisher and unique cultural institution.  They promote widespread awareness and celebration of California’s many cultures, landscapes, and boundary-breaking ideas.  Through their well-crafted books, public events, and innovative outreach programs Heyday is building a vibrant community of readers, writers, and thinkers.

Heyday’s California Indian Publishing Program aims to celebrate Indian culture through their quarterly magazine, News from Native California, and books on Native life; hosting Indian events; and helping provide reading material to community members who would not otherwise have access to quality Indian publications.

Heyday’s Indian Market is an annual gathering of Native Californian artists and traditional craftspeople that has evolved into a major cultural and community event, bringing together a unique and important assemblage of artists representing more than a dozen tribes throughout California.  More than 40 exhibitors have participated in the past, including artists of traditional coiled and twined basketry, elk horn carving, acorn processing, bead-making with both clamshell and magnesite, soapstone carving jewelry making, string-making, and more.  The event is one of the first of its kind to help Native Californians present their traditional and contemporary arts and to help educate the public about the diversity of peoples and art forms.

In 2012, a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program will support documentation of the event and publicizing it to a wider audienceple.  A supplement to News for Native California will be produced that will be used to promote wider knowledge of the Market.