Karuk Women's Ceremonial Dress Making
Ohlone Foodways, Table Ceremony
Maidu Songs and Handgame Tradition
Featuring Artists and Advocates L. Frank Manriquez and Sipu Whittle
Safeguarding and passing on knowledge
Quechan traditional culture
Waw'kish, A Southern California Tribal Sport
The Gabrielino/Tongva Springs Foundation preserves and protects the ancestral village of Kuruvungna Springs, located within the University High School campus in West Los Angeles. Dedicated to educating the general public about California’s indigenous history, particularly the inhabitants of the LA basin, the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples, they provide…
After citizens of the town of San Miguel Cuevas, Oaxaca, Mexico migrated and settled their families in the Central Valley, many became concerned that their children would not be exposed to their indigenous roots leading to cultural extinction. In 2001, community members came together to discuss how they can continue…
The Tolowa Dee-ni’ People have lived in Del Norte since recorded time. In 1853, an attack by settlers, was documented as the second single largest massacre of Native peoples in the history of the United States.  The ensuing carnage caused a near extinction of people and…