Carnatic violinist and composer
Nitya Narasimhan is a skilled dancer whose passion for bharatanatyam began at the young age of 4. Currently based in California, USA, Nitya regularly travels to India to hone her craft and showcase her talents through performances. As the Founder and Artistic Director of “Prayukti Arts,” Nitya has…
Long Beach pinpeat ensemble
Meet Vedashree Sangwikar, a lifelong trained professional Bharatnatyam dancer. She embarked on her dance journey at the age of six, exploring not only Bharatnatyam but also contemporary and Indian folk dance forms. With 20 years of performing experience, Vedashree is not just a dancer but a seasoned storyteller through movement.
Kulintang Music of the Southern Philippines
Antara Bhardwaj is one of the most dynamic kathak artists of this generation. She began her study of kathak (an Indian classical story-telling dance form) at the age of nine with legendary maestro Pandit Chitresh Das, and now runs her own dance ensemble and school, Antara Asthaayi Dance. Antara’s panache…
Indigenous Mexican Conchero Dance
Intercultural Poetry and Art
Cambodian Classical and Folk Dances