El Centro Cultural Techantit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Indigenous culture, art, and education. Their vision includes restoring ancestral roots, cosmovision, and transitions to enhance community well-being. Through inclusive, intergenerational programming, they strive to promote decolonization and dismantle the doctrine of discovery. Centro Cultural Techantit offers a secure haven…
Frank Fairfield is a renowned musician specializing in Southwestern and ‘Californio’ string band music. Learning guitar from his Tejano grandfather, Frank inherited a passion for vernacular music, later honing his craft under the guidance of luminaries like the legendary blind fiddler Kenny Hall and the old Italian maestro Tom Marion.
Latinx Popular Theater
Comedy, music, poetry and storytelling
Traditional music and dance from West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil
Lukumi and Palo Briyumba spiritual practices
Jose Trejo Maya is a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition, a tonalpouhque Mexica, and a commoner from the lowlands (i.e. Mexico) from a time and place that no longer exists. His poetry has gained recognition and been published in various countries, including the UK, US, India, Spain, Australia, Argentina,…
Del Harrison is a standup comedian and singer who produces live comedy and music shows. She is a a phenomenal host and hosts Let’s Talk Hair on FOX Soul as well as Up Late with Sha & Del every Sunday on iHeartRadio. She is a Comedy Store and Hollywood Improv…
Jewish Oud Music