Filipinx food traditions and rituals
Traditional Lao dance and folk songs
African-American hair braiding
Jose Trejo Maya is a remnant of the Nahuatlacah oral tradition, a tonalpouhque Mexica, and a commoner from the lowlands (i.e. Mexico) from a time and place that no longer exists. His poetry has gained recognition and been published in various countries, including the UK, US, India, Spain, Australia, Argentina,…
Yen Nguyen aka Ngoc Dung is a Vietnamese Southern Traditional musician, music professor.
Terry Nguyen, known as “tsugaruterry,” is a musician and educator specializing in minyo (folk) and traditional music of Japan as performed on the Tsugaru shamisen and taiko drums. Terry began playing the Tsugaru shamisen in 2006. Initially self-taught, in 2010 she started her training with instructor Mitsuru Sasaki of the…
Qeej (Kheng): Hmong Traditional Windpipe Flute
Traditional Son Jarocho Music
Drawn between silence/sound, d. haejin bang’s transdisciplinary and community work is currently based within occupied Tongva land (otherwise known as Los Angeles) and corea. Born and raised in Koreatown, LA, their explorations revolve around the voice, body, and Silence. Their main focus underlines gaps and the interjacent: How can we…