Photo: Courtesy of the organization.

Yuva Bharati

Indian classical music and dance

About the Organization

Collage of Swara Lahari Concerts. Photo: Courtesy of the organization.

Yuva Bharati is a nonprofit organization formed in 2006 to promote classical Indian dance among youth in the United States.  Yuva Bharati provides a stage for solo performances for upcoming artists.  It also invites dance teachers and senior artists to perform.

Swara Lahari is Yuva Bharati’s music wing, also established in 2006. It promotes classical Indian music in the United States by providing a forum for local and visiting artists to perform and perpetuate the music of India. Swara Lahari maximizes the reach of its programming through live concerts, studio recordings, studio concerts, telecasts, and streaming. To date, the group has hosted over five hundred televised episodes and presented twenty-five live concerts in parks. Swara Lahari has won the Wave Award from Alliance for Community Media for three consecutive years and has also received the HomeTown Media award at the national level.

Living Cultures Grant Program


Promoting Classical Indian Music in USA—Music in the Park

With funding from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program, Swara Lahari will organize six events during which experienced artists will demonstrate the instruments, techniques, and interplay between performers which are typical to concerts. In particular, funding will cover artist payments, technical equipment, and facility rental.



Yuva Bharati received a Living Cultures grant to support “Kalpana,” a flagship program featuring amateur dancers who have qualified through an arangetram, a two hour solo performance. These young artists are encouraged to choreograph their dance to a piece music of their choosing, which will conform to a theme selected by the Yuva Bharati committee.

2016, 2014 and 2011

Swara Lahari

Yuva Bharati received Living Cultures funding to support their weekly Swara Lahari telecast.


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