Chumash and Tataviam elder Alan Salazar with tomol plank canoe participant. Photo courtesy of the organization.

'Elye'wun (a tomol or Chumash plank canoe) during construction. Santa Barbara, California. 1997

Tataviam Land Conservancy

The Tataviam Land Conservancy is a Tribally-operated California nonprofit organization founded by the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians in 2018. TLC’s mission is to restore the unceded ancestral homelands of the FTBMI by implementing protective land management strategies, traditional ecological knowledge, and climate-resilient initiatives. By holding lands in perpetuity, TLC works to prevent the continued loss of cultural connection among Tribal citizens and their ancestral homelands.

Living Cultures Grant


Revitalizing the Art of Tomol Building

Funding will support the construction of a tomol plank canoe and two tule reed canoes to revitalize maritime practices and bring canoe-building home to the Ventureño Chumash and the Fernandeño Tataviam nations, led by Chumash and Tataviam elder Alan Salazar.

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