Mundo Maya Foundation

Mayan Yucatec arts and culture

Founded in 2000, Mundo Maya Foundation’s mission is to “inspire cultural diversity through education and engagement of local and global communities.” Working primarily with the Mayan population from Yucatan, Mexico, residing in Los Angeles, the foundation also serves Mayans from across Central American, including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Maya Mundo Foundation provides support, leadership, and resource referral in the areas of education, immigration, and health. Their work also seeks to promote and protect Mayan arts and culture. Mundo Maya Day is their annual celebration of indigenous Mayan culture, and gathers the local Mayan Yucatan community to participate in a festival featuring indigenous ceremony and traditional music, dance, food, and sports.


In 2021, Mundo Maya Foundation received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program to support the expansion of their online presence. The Mundo Maya Visions 2021/HEALING project will increase the organization’s capacity to offer cultural programming virtually, thereby meeting the needs of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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