haejin bang

Corean pansori, pungmul, percussion and drumming

About the Artist

Drawn between silence/sound, d. haejin bang’s transdisciplinary and community work is currently based within occupied Tongva land (otherwise known as Los Angeles) and corea. Born and raised in Koreatown, LA, their explorations revolve around the voice, body, and Silence. Their main focus underlines gaps and the interjacent: How can we better listen?

A Fulbright Fellow, haejin’s focus as a diasporic, trans corean is based on exploring ‘embodied silences,’ a cartography of collective intergenerational trauma, by exploring the affects of sound tied to body. Their project focuses on the breath and energy of voice/body/silence, of undoing and (un)learning contemporary notions and rationales of sound embedded in dominant language and discourse of knowledge. Through the practice and performance of pansori, their goal is to both explore and create multidisciplinary resources for other diasporic folks looking to learn more about indigenous corean music and histories. Learning both the 소리 (voice) and 북 (drumming) that make up 판소리/pansori, they are currently studying with 명창/Master Singer Song Jae-Young and 고수/Master Drummer Cho Yong-Soo.




Corean pansori, pungmul, percussion and drumming


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