El Centro Cultural Techantit is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Indigenous culture, art, and education. Their vision includes restoring ancestral roots, cosmovision, and transitions to enhance community well-being. Through inclusive, intergenerational programming, they strive to promote decolonization and dismantle the doctrine of discovery. Centro Cultural Techantit offers a secure haven…
Philippine folk dance
Northern California and Potawatomi regalia
Congolese music and dance
Hmong New Year celebration
Hmong history and traditions (Qeej, Mej Koob, Txiv Xaiv)
Music and dance of the Afro-Brazilian Carnaval
Traditional music and dance from West Africa, Cuba, and Brazil
Residency featuring Indigenous artists from El Pueblo San Pablo Tijaltepec
Traditions, music, dance, and cuisine of Oaxaca