January 26, 2017

We reached and raised $8,000 for ACTA’s Apprenticeship Donor Campaign! We couldn’t have done it without you. Fifty-seven of you gave from the heart and raised the funds to support two of the eighteen master/apprentice pairs that have been selected for ACTA’s 2017 Apprenticeship Program. Our 2017 Apprenticeship artists hail from twelve different counties and represent an incredible range of traditional art forms and disciplines, ethnicities and cultural groups, ranging from Cambodian classical dance, to Middle Eastern derbekki hand drumming.  

Thank you for bringing this essential support to California’s traditional artists at a critical time in our nation’s history and politics—when fear threatens to overshadow the voices of many. 

Gratitude to our 2016 Donors: 

Michael Alexander

Anonymous (A salute to ACTA and its artists, the great keepers of California’s cultural flame)




Artivist Entertainment

Jennifer Bates

Juan y Ada Carrillo

Marion Coleman (Thanks for supporting traditional arts)

Vern and Patsy Crow

Kenya Curry

Celine Schein Das (Our communities and world are richer because of the work of ACTA, thank you!)

Esailama Diouf

Beto González

Jo Farb Hernández

Leigh Henderson

Anne Huang

Maria Rosario Jackson

Michael Owen Jones

Lily Kharrazi (In Tribute to Master Artists Chitresh Das and Danongan Kalanduyan)

Sojin Kim

Virginia H. King

Edward Kissam (Inspiring, illuminating, all the efforts you support, keep up the great work!)

Amy Kitchener and Hugo Morales (In honor of Don Nati Cano, visionary mariachi and co-founding ACTA board member. We miss you.)

Ruth Kitchener

Prudy Kohler

Kathy Knopoff

Judith Kunofsky

Amy Lawrence

Malcolm Margolin

Nayamín Martínez

Nikiko Masumoto

Libby Maynard

Patricia A. Montgomery

Murasaki Ensemble

Crystal Murillo

Alicia Najera

Antonio H. Ramírez

Amy Rouillard (In Memory of John C. Rouillard)

Charlie Seemann

Sarah and Steve Remmert

Judy and Bob Reynolds

David Roche

Richard Rodríguez

Russell Rodríguez (In Memory of Danny Kalanduyan)

Dan Sheehy

Carol and Steve Shore

Eric Solano

Andrea Temkin and Sofia Fojas (In Memory of Barbara LaPan Rahm)

Khampha Thephavong

Hang Le To (In tribute to ACTA keep the traditional music arts alive)

Ferenc Tobak

Pimm Tripp-Allen (In Memory of Amos Tripp)

Patricia Wakida (In honor of my ACTAvist teammates)

Deborah Wong

Eleanor San San Wong

Raphael Xavier (Thank you for continuing this program. It made a difference during an important turning point in my life. I am grateful and hope it will do the same for other artists)