by Julie Dick Tex, Mandy Marine, and Carly Tex
December 12, 2012

We at ACTA are saddened by the passing of traditional basket weaver Avis Punkin who was a two-time master artist in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program, first in 2003 with grand daughter-apprentice artist Carly Tex in coiled basketry; and then in 2009 with daughter-in-law-apprentice artist Julie Dick Tex in creating a twined basket for sifting acorn flour.  It was a privilege to have known Avis and witnessed her commitment to family, community, and high standards in the practice of Mono tradition.

–Amy Kitchener, ACTA Executive Director

Avis Punkin (right) and her granddaughter and 2003 apprentice Carly Tex holding baskets made by Avis.