Mexican Son Jarocho and Fandango Music and Dance
The mission of the Watsonville Taiko Group, founded in 1991, is to foster the evolving cultural expression and traditions of taiko drumming through performances and public education. Artistic director since 1992, Ikuyo Conant set the group’s goals of exploring taiko to develop an art that combines…
The Salinans are a Native people that lived in what is now the Central Coast of California, in the Salinas Valley.  The Salinan language is one of the oldest in California.  Said to have gone extinct by the Census of 1930, the Salinan peoples survived and currently exist in several…
The Central Coast Japanese American Legacy Organization’s ambition is to preserve, document, and contribute to the living history of the Central Coast’s Japanese American community, now five generations strong. A grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program in 2015 will support the development of a community…
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