Yuval Ron Music

Middle Eastern music

Yuval Ron Music was established in 1987 by Israeli-born composer, producer, performer, and scholar Yuval Ron, and has since been dedicated to the furthering of the musical arts as tools for social change.  Yuval Ron Music has a deep concern for the preservation of traditional cultural art forms and actively seeks ways to build intercultural bridges and connections through the arts.  Yuval Ron Music has produced two albums of multi-ethnic traditional Middle-Eastern music by the Yuval Ron Ensemble.  Yuval Ron Music has sponsored many concerts and workshops in California, the greater United States, and abroad.  Yuval Ron Music is based in Los Angeles and works very closely with the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity.

In 2007, Yuval Ron Music received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support a collaboration with Yemenite-Israeli singer, drummer, dancer, and actress Margalit Oved.  Margalit worked closely with Yuval to record rare traditional Yemenite folk songs and related explanations and stories.  The series recordings focused on archiving and preserving songs from the three main cultural sources of traditional Sephardic-Yemenite folk music: women’s songs; songs of the Diwan, a 17th century book of devotional poems that are sung outside the synagogue; and prayers and chants of the Synagogue.  The project culminated in two workshops for educators and the general public, the work will also be uploaded to a web site for free access.