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Vasil Levski Educational and Cultural Foundation

Bulgarian dance

About the Organization

The Vasil Levski Educational and Cultural Foundation was founded with the main purpose of becoming an educational center for Bulgarians in San Diego and interested American people. For more than 10 years it has been maintaining Bulgarian Language School for kids and adults in San Diego. For last few years, the Vasil Levski Foundation has been supporting several Bulgarian folklore groups and various events with guest artists. The idea of starting groups for Bulgarian Folk Dances was realized by a few enthusiasts who felt the need to experience the joy and positive energy one feels when in contact with traditional Bulgarian dances. The folk dance sessions are conducted by volunteers who have experience as Bulgarian folk dancers. Groups meet twice a week and have made a tremendous artistic progress in terms of acquiring reach repertoire of traditional dances from all parts of Bulgaria and improving the mastery level of dancing in harmony and synchrony.

Living Cultures Grant Program


Vasil Levski Educational and Cultural Foundation received a Living Cultures grant to support their Bulgarian Annual Traditional Concert in December, which will help preserve an important part of Bulgarian traditional dances and help children to improve their native language in the context of traditional Bulgarian art.The concert will be supported by all traditional Bulgarian folk dance groups including the youngest with school age children. The main purpose of this concert is to bring Bulgarian community together and to create a sense of belonging to something that is deeply valued and appreciated by every Bulgarian.

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