Sid Vixay (right) and 2023 apprentice Conner Phelan (left) during a lanaad lesson. Credit: Courtesy of the artist.

Sid Vixay

Lanaad, Lao Traditional Instrument

Lanaad, Lao Traditional Instrument


The lanaad… has played a significant part in my life and has brought me so much pride and joy.” – Sid Vixay

Mentor Sid Vixay. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Sid Vixay began learning to play the lanaad at the age of fifteen in Laos, when he took music classes in high school, between 1976 and 1980. Later, he continued practicing independently and performing throughout his adulthood in both Laos and the United States. To Vixay, the instrument builds pride and unity among Lao-Americans, while also enabling him to share traditional Lao music with other communities. He plans to teach new lanaad players to the best of his ability, so they can continue the joy and culture of the art form for future generations.




Apprenticeship Program


with apprentice Conner Phelan

Conner Phelan learning how to play the lanaad. Credit: Sid Vixay.



During this apprenticeship, Vixay will teach Conner Phelan different methods for playing the laanad. He will also help Phelan master at least five Lao classical songs: Lao Kasae, Champa Meing Lao, Dok Bouathong, Lao Sieng Tien, and Sai Lom Yen.





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