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Raices Cultura

About the Organization

Raices Cultura’s mission is to create a space for artistic and cultural expression, to promote healthy communities, and to strengthen the voice of the Eastern Coachella Valley.  Since 2005, in an effort to build community through the traditional arts, Raices has held an annual Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration, with music, art, and a community procession.  Día de los Muertos is a Mexican tradition that celebrates and honors the memory of those who have passed away.

Living Cultures Grant Program


With an ACTA Living Cultures grant, Raices Cultura will expand their annual Día de Los Muertos event in the City of Coachella to include an increase in the number of community workshops along with a new historical educational component, formalizing a student documentation team to capture the spirit of our event in media form with specialized equipment, and to increase the amount of visual and performing arts, specifically creating a dedicated space within the event for puppet theater and performance art.


Raices Cultura received ACTA funding to support their annual Día de los Muertos celebration.  Raices expanded their event as a larger outdoor festival in Downtown Coachella.  The centerpiece for this festival was the Camino de las Calaveras (Avenue of Skulls) which featured 4-foot skulls designed by local artists and youth, placed along the procession path.  Accompanying the Camino de las Calaveras were massive altars created by families, artists, and organizations that honor those who have passed away and education community members about important local issues.

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