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Puentes de Poder

Panamanian music and dance

About the Organization

Puentes De Poder (Bridges of Power) is a cross cultural exchange program that promotes empowerment and unity through music and is composed of a multicultural group of artists in Alhambra. Their purpose is to educate, inspire, and unite communities through music, dance and drums. They are engaged in steering and enriching the youth towards community based work through cultural heritage. The organization was founded in 2015 by Nakeiltha “Nikki” Campbell, a percussionist, teaching artist, and performer whose work promotes empowerment through the celebration of African cultural heritage. Born in Colón, Panama and raised in Los Angeles, California, Nikki uses drumming to express her unique Afro-Carib-Panamanian lineage, extend a legacy of women drumming in the African diasporic traditions, and celebrate the intense study of rhythm. She fell in love with the art of drumming that kept her close to her roots and believes in sharing the similarities of the diaspora by respecting the differences and uniqueness of each country and using the power of the drums to gather and celebrate. Panama is the bridge of the world, heart of the Universe.

Living Cultures Grant


Puentes de Poder received a Living Cultures Grant to produce a cultural weekend workshop and the initial start of a festival presented by Puentes de Poder followed by a performance for Viva Panama Organization Gala, which honors artist and Panamanians who have contributed to both communities. Includes the annual celebration of the anniversary of the construction of the Panama Canal with a specialized dance, song, and drum workshop that showcases Panamanian folklore and Afro Panamanian traditions embodied by, and accompanied by historical information presented from the perspective of cultural specialist, musicians, and community leaders. The workshops would also include several expert artists who currently reside in Los Angeles.

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