Proyecto Purépecha

Proyecto Purépecha was created with the mission to create an extensive and vibrant Purépecha (a native people of Michoacán, Mexico) community in the San Joaquin Valley and California at large.  Proyecto Purépecha works to restore and flourish Purépecha food, language, music, and dance in the Mexicano/Michoacano community residing in the San Joaquin Valley while building a network of Purépecha cultural leaders, speakers, and families.

In 2014, Proyecto Purépecha received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support Reencuentro Purépecha, a festival bringing Purépecha families together to reunite with their cultural roots through the sharing of music, dances, craft workshops, and food.  The event will be trilingual, in Purépecha, Spanish, and English.