Mentor Artist Peter De Guzman dancing Pangalay. Photo: Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture.

Peter Paul de Guzman

Philippine Pangalay Dance

Philippine Pangalay Dance
Peter De Guzman dancing Pangalay. Photo: Carlo Singson.


In 2005, Peter Paul de Guzman traveled to the Philippines and serendipitously met Ligaya Fernando-Amilbangsa, a respected artist, researcher, and teacher of Pangalay. She began instructing him in the fundamentals of the dance, according to her own style. In order to hone a skill which generally requires years of informal training from childhood, de Guzman devoted himself to multiple long trips to the Philippines. There, he aimed to live and breathe Pangalay, joining Amilbangsa’s dance group, the Alun-Alun Dance Circle, and learning from indigenous master teachers in the Sulu Archipelago. Currently, de Guzman continues to center his training, artistic practice, and teaching around the Amilbangsa style of Pangalay.



Apprenticeship Program


Philippine Pangalay Dance
with apprentice Caroline Julia Cabading

Caroline Cabading dancing Pangalay. Photo: Kenneth Camota.

During this apprenticeship, de Guzman will provide comprehensive, private Pangalay instruction to Caroline Cabading using the Amilbangsa Method and culminating in a performance as part of a larger Pangalay cultural intensive. Cabading will learn movement vocabulary; Pangalay as both a solo and partner dance; improvisational individual expression; how to choreograph; and the history and cultural context of Pangalay.



Philippine Pangalay Dance
with apprentice Jasmine Orpilla

Jasmine Orpilla and Peter de Guzman at an ACTA event, 2019. Photo by Timo Saarelma/ACTA.

Peter Deguzman will be working with his apprentice, Jasmine Orpilla, to enrich her understanding of the Amilbangsa Method of Philippine Pangalay dance.


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