Pallavi Dance Group

Northeast Indian Odissi

Founded by Asako Takami, Pallavi Dance Group is a small community engaged in learning and sharing Odissi dance in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Odissi dance comes from Orissa, a state on the Eastern coast of India.  Originally performed in temples, Odissi has evolved into a sophisticated stage-based performing art.  Odissi is characterized by soft, liquid upper body movement, strong footwork, and sculpturesque poses evocative of the carvings on Orissan temples.

In 2004, Pallavi Dance Group’s participation in ACTA ‘s Traditional Arts Development Program supported Odissi workshops and performances featuring Guru Manoranjan Pradhan and his wife Minati Dasgupta from India.  Manoranjan Pradhan holds a masters degree in Odissi from Utkal University and has studied with famous Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.  The workshops and subsequent performances provided inspiration and learning opportunities for the dance community and for the local Indian-American community.


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