Aztec music and dance

About the Organization

Danza Azteca group Ocelotecame started 8 years ago in Lincoln, where the Latino/a/x community lacked positive representation. Many members have been active in Danza for over 20 years. They are part of the Oaxaca Project, which is a project of Northern California Danza groups reaching out to artists and Danza groups in Oaxaca, Mexico. They were part of the first group to travel to and develop a working relationship in Oaxaca where we share and support one another in keeping traditions alive through workshops, performances and teachings to benefit both cities. The group also hosts a local educational event that helps share the culture of their ancestors and enrich the lives of those who witness and participate in it. This is the event that happens every September and is held in Lincolns oldest and biggest park for the community to see.

Living Cultures Grant


Ocelotecame received ACTA’s Living Cultures grant to support a gathering of regional Aztecan dance groups to celebrate the fall harvest through traditional music, traditional dance, traditional regalia and traditional food. This ceremony will be held in Lincoln’s oldest and largest park. It will be free and open for all community members to come experience.

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