JC Culture Foundation

Chinese dance

JC Culture Foundation, formed in 2004 and established as a nonprofit organization in 2008, performs, promotes, and teaches traditional Chinese dance and culture in Los Angeles.

In 2013, with support from ACTA’s Development Program, JC Culture Foundation conducted a mentorship with master artist Corey Chan, to train and enhance the skills and knowledge of their lion dance troupe.

In 2019, 2015, 2013 and 2012, JC Culture Foundation received grants from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support a free, afterschool program to teach the art of Chinese Lion and Dragon Dancing to youth ages 9-19.  The Lion and Dragon Dance play a significant role in Chinese cultural festivals and life cycle events.  The classes focus on elements of Kung Fu and dance in order to coordinate the costume which requires dancers to working in harmony to make the beast move.  The JC Culture Foundation’s Lion and Dragon Dancers are active in many civic celebrations and perform widely in the greater Los Angeles area.

In 2010, with support from ACTA’s Development Program, JC Culture Foundation worked with videographer Rod Ziolkowski to produce high definition video recordings of the organization’s performances of lion dance, wushu, and Chinese folk dance.  The videos will be used for promotion, education, and training.


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