Inglewood Cultural Arts

Inglewood Cultural Arts (ICA) strives to enhance the quality of life of Inglewood residents through their diverse programs which include individuals of all ages, ethnicities and economic status.  These programs serve to meet the need of: raising people’s awareness of the arts, both as an essential human endeavor and through the artworks both old and new in our community; encouraging all people, with a specific focus on youth, to engage in the creation of art which expresses their own emotions, ideas, aesthetics; and infuse the arts into all facets of Inglewood society.

In 2014, Inglewood Cultural Arts received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support their Festival of the African Diaspora, a day-long, free, and open-to-the-public music and arts festival highlighting the African-influenced traditional music and dance of various culture represented in Greater Los Angeles.  The participating artists will include Cuban, Puerto Rican, Brazilian, and Mexican traditional artists.  These underrepresented groups highlight the diversity of LA and this festival will bring much needed family-oriented musical activity to the city of Inglewood.