Heritage Music Foundation

Gospel music was birthed in America as a natural derivative of African American history.  African Americans sign what they live.  As slaves, they sang a slave song.  As freedom fighters, they sang a song of deliverance.  As freedom marchers, they sang a song of victory.  Today, African Americans sing Gospel music, a contemporary song with a mixture of sound from all eras.  A tangible cultural gift that African American culture has given to America, Gospel music is the root for many other forms of music, including jazz, rock, blues, and country.

The Heritage Music Foundation’s mission is to continue the legacy of Gospel music as an art form and document its history and contributions to Black America in particular and America in general.

In 2015, a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program will support the Heritage Music Foundation’s Legacy Festival.  The festival will celebrate the rich culture of Gospel music and engage various choirs, ensembles, and dance groups from throughout Orange County.  Two nights of the festival will feature musical presentation and one night will be dedicated to an oratorical contest for college scholarships; the topic of the contest will be an explore the contribution Gospel music has made to the California cultural landscape and American culture.


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