Gadung Kasturi Balinese Dance and Music

Balinese dance & music

The mission of Gadung Kasturi Balinese Dance and Music is to preserve, promote, and develop the traditional dance and music of Bali, Indonesia, through live performance, workshops, classes, lectures, and publications.

In 2009, a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program supported the tuning of gamelan instruments purchased by the organization to teach music to youth and adults.  In 2008, a Living Cultures Grants Program grant supported Gadung Kasturi’s free Balinese dance classes for youth ages 5-18 at the Consulate General of Indonesia in San Francisco.  Classes were led by Gadung Kasturi principal dancer and artistic director Kompiang Metri-Davies, who has been dancing since the age of five in her home village of Ngis in Eastern Bali, Indonesia. 

In 2007, Gadung Kasturi participated in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program, working with web designer Wan-Chao Chang to develop the organization’s website.