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Ezterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble

Hungarian folk dance

About the Organization

The Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble is a performing group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Our mission is to promote and present traditional Hungarian folk dances and to preserve the history of Hungarian folk culture in all its forms.  The Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble has been celebrating and showcasing Hungarian folk culture in the Bay Area since 1977 through presentations to the Hungarian community and the general public.

Living Cultures Grant Program


The Ensemble received ACTA funding to support the creation of new costumes locally and a custom boot order made by a master craftsman from Hungary. The Ensemble will prepare eight breeches (traditional male pants) and eight custom made boots (four female and four male) for their dancers, all of which will be premiered in a new choreography in May 2020 at the Hungarian Heritage Festival in Belmont, CA.


The Ensemble received ACTA funds to arrange for new locally-created costumes, hand embroidered by members of the group during “sewing circles,” that will be premiered in a new choreography at the festival.

Traditional Arts Development Program


As part of the (now retired) TAD program, the Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble traveled to Southern California to perform for an audience of over two thousand at the annual Magyar Sajtónap (Hungarian Press Day) hosted by the newspaper California Hungarians.  At this event, Eszterlánc dancers had the opportunity to perform with members of the Karpatok Folk Ensemble of Southern California, which is led by Istvan Szabo


Support from ACTA’s TAD program allowed the Eszterlánc Hungarian Folk Ensemble to work with mentor and dance teacher Istvan Szabo of Los Angeles, who, during a six-month residency, helped prepare the dancers for a performance.

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