Crosspulse is a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to the creation, performance, and recording of rhythm-based, intercultural music and dance.  Grown out of the artistic vision of founding executive director Keith Terry, Crosspulse has sponsored scores of projects involving outstanding artists from many cultural traditions.  The organization presents performances, produces and distributes audio and video recordings, conducts workshops and in-school programs, underwrites the creation of new work, sponsors international residencies and tours, develops cross-cultural education seminars, and much more.  All of the organization’s programs involve the vital role that rhythm plays in performing arts throughout the world, and explore how this commonality of rhythm can connect us in unexpected ways.  

In 2013, Crosspulse received a grant from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grants Program to support the Hambone Summit, which will take place within the 6th International Body Music Festival in November 2013 in San Francisco.  Highlighting this traditional form of African-American body percussion, the summit will include a public lecture-demonstration, educational outreach, and concert performances featuring California artists Danny “Slapjazz” Barber, Rodney Spencer, Audrey Robinson, and Derique McGee.