Congregacíon de Danzas Azteca de EECU

Aztec danza

The Congregacíon de Danzas Azteca de EECU (Congré) was formed in 1995 out the collaboration between Mary Lou Valencia of Danza Mixcoatl, Virginia Carmelo of Xitalli Arvizu (Danza Xipe Totec), and Yermo and Ana-í Aranda of Danza Ixtatutlli.  The goal of the group involves maximizing information and resources through regular gatherings where topics include: palabra, traditional protocol, obligacíon, a calendar of ceremonies, mentoring, curriculum, and the continuation of the tradition within an urban setting.

In 2004, participation in ACTA’s Traditional Arts Development Program supported the first gathering of the full leadership and entire membership of the Congré.  The gathering will contribute to the Congré’s development on a general membership level and also provide important workshops and panel presentations on various aspects of traditional knowledge, and individual and organizational development.  Mary Lou Valencia will serve as the consultant to organize the gathering.


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