Photo: courtesy of Carnatic Chamber Concerts.

Carnatic Chamber Concerts

Indian Classical Music

About the Organization

Carnatic Chamber Concerts (CCC) seeks to encourage participation in the centuries-old Indian classical music (Carnatic music) tradition by providing member students with monthly performance opportunities and occasional special events for group-learning. Member students are school-age children who are being trained as vocalists, percussionists, flautists, or string instrumentalists by a master artist of Carnatic music.  At CCC’s monthly events, over 350 students, from more than 72 music schools, showcase their abilities before their peers, master artists, and family. Meanwhile, a few times each year, CCC unites master artists from local and international Carnatic music schools for collaborative presentations. These events, including 2018’s Guru Prabhaavam and 2015’s Bharata Darshanam, are also advanced learning opportunities for member students.

Dasha Tarangini: CCC’s Tenth Anniversary special event (held in January 2019).

Living Cultures Grant


Sangeeta Vaibhavam: Music Festival

With support from ACTA’s Living Cultures Grant Program in 2022, CCC will organize Sangeeta Vaibhavam: a music festival providing master artists with a collaborative platform to perform for and teach a wide audience of Carnatic music students from the Bay Area. The special learning opportunity will expose students from different music schools and backgrounds to advanced music theory and performance techniques beyond the instruments, styles, and schools they typically encounter.

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