Cambodian American Association of America

Cambodian Association of America (CAA) is committed to improving the quality of life in the Long Beach community by providing linguistically and culturally appropriate social, health, outreach education and employment services to low-income children and families.   CAA, incorporated as a nonprofit in 1975, is the oldest and largest Cambodian organization in the United States.   The organization has been instrumental in establishing the Cambodian community in Long Beach and promoting small businesses along the Anaheim and Atlantic corridors, an area known to many as “Cambodia Town.”

In 2013, CAA received a grant from ACTA’s Living Culture Grants Program to support the creation of the first Cambodian Lakhon Sbaek Thom, or shadow puppet theater troupe, in the United States.  Under the direction of Yon Pich, an elder with knowledge of Cambodian folk theater traditions, students are learning puppet manipulation and dance movements.  Music direction on the pin peat orchestra will be provided by master musician, Ho Chan and ensemble.  Funds will support the purchase and of 18 Sbaek Thom puppets and stipends for the master teachers.