November 1, 2011

The end of the year is coming up quickly so I’m starting to feel the pressure of finishing up by the time 2012 rolls around. But I don’t want to rush and do a sloppy job, I’ll just have to up my game a little bit and sacrifice some sleep…

While I’m still not fully comfortable painting and wish I could replicate the old patterns more accurately I have to remind myself that this really is my first attempt at painting the blends and patterns and I’m trying to replicate the work of someone who had already painted hundreds of lions. It’s not easy decoding the layers, but I’m definitely getting better at it. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll stop writing now and let the shots speak for themselves. What do they say to you? Feel free to drop me a comment below and let me know!

Click any picture for a larger version.

Top Background Blends Forehead Background Blends Back Background Blends Top Patterns Tiger Stripes around the Horn
Back Patterns Back Fins Background Blends Front Fins Background Blends Forehead Curl Background Blends Left Eye Blends

I want to help promote other artists who are working on traditional lion dance projects as well, so here’s a plug for a T-shirt design featuring a southern lion head that was also made by Lo An Kee. Although it depicts a different Chinese general you can see some similarities in the painting patterns. Check it out and support him if you can!

More shots to come as we near the end of the project, stay tuned!