July 3, 2011

Greetings. I am humbled and honored to be posting my first blog as an apprentice with master drummer, Harold Muñiz! I first heard the Bata at an outside performance with the Afro-Cuban Drum and Dance group, Ebo-Okokán (Offerings from the heart). I was immediatelty in love with the polyrhythmic sounds coming from the drum and the melodies created between them. I soon thereafter began my lifelong quest to find out more about these drums and how they are played. it wasn’t too long after I found myself as a member of Ebo. Although, I wasn’t actually playing Batá as all the chairs were full, but I was there and learned to pick out the different drums and their parts. My journey had taken hold and I wasn’t turning back. I am looking forward to posting and sharing my experience. I give thanks to Harold and ACTA for making this possible. Aché.