January 31, 2016

This month, Project Coordinator Citlalli Chávez left ACTA to take a job in her chosen field of labor policy and research.  Citlalli will join the UCLA Labor Center as their Communications Coordinator and will also be helping the center incorporate cultural and creative elements into current research initiatives.

In her time with ACTA, as part of ACTA’s Building Healthy Communities—Engaging Cultural Treasures initiative, Citlalli worked deeply in Southern California communities to document local cultural treasures and engage them and their communities in artistic and tradition-based outreach to affect policy change.  Citlalli also played a key part in ACTA’s Arts in Corrections program, administering artistic residencies in California state prisons, bringing traditional arts programming to one of California’s most marginalized populations.

Of her time at ACTA, Citlalli said, “I am thankful for the opportunities ACTA extended over the past two years.  At ACTA, I feel I refined my leadership skills and developed an even greater understanding for the importance of supporting traditional expressions in my community and throughout the state.  I hope to bring these skills and commitment to all my future professional and personal endeavors.”

ACTA is grateful to Citlalli for her great work and her colleagues at ACTA wish her the best in her new position at UCLA!

ACTA will be announcing the a new hire in the coming weeks, and in the meantime, inquiries about ACTA’s Building Healthy Communities—Engaging in Cultural Treasures initiative may be directed to Program Manager Quetzal Flores (213-346-3285 / quetzal@actaonline.org), and inquires about ACTA’s Arts in Corrections program may be directed to Program Assistant Kenya Curry (559-237-9812 / kenya@actaonline.org).