Mentor artist Pierr Padilla (L) with his wife and 2019 ACTA apprentice Carmen Román. Photo: J. Carrillo/ACTA.

Shelter Together

Live Videos with Traditional Artists

At ACTA we believe that social distance doesn’t have to mean social isolation. That’s why we have introduced a new series of live videos we are calling Shelter Together, bringing you LIVE performances, demonstrations, and words of wisdom from traditional artists across California on our social media channels!

Join us on Instagram and on Facebook to witness how artists are continuing their traditional practices at home. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest news on the Shelter Together series and to see who will be presenting next!

See the full archive for Shelter Together here, or view the Facebook playlist.

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Alliance for California Traditional Arts



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Media Director Jennifer Joy Jameson

Up Next

Join us on ACTA's Facebook page on Thursday July 2 at 12 pm PST for an episode of Shelter Together with Isik Berfin, a traditional singer from the Kurdish-Alevi community of Turkey.

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