Ziya, Inc.

Arabic-Persian calligraphy

Ziya, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit, multicultural arts center based in Berkeley, California.  Ziya's mission is to promote the study, understanding, and preservation of the traditional arts and cultures of the SAMENA (South Asia to Middle East and North Africa) region and their diasporas in the United States.  Ziya, Inc. started as an art studio in 2011, and has successfully operated and expanded into an arts organization, creating programs and space for Persians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Turks, Arabs, South Asians, and African Americans to represent and celebrate their arts and culture.

In 2015, a grant from ACTA's Living Cultures Grants Program will support their Calligraphies in Conversation project, a unique attempt to promote understanding and appreciation of traditional Arabic-Persian calligraphy and foster new dialogue between this tradition and calligraphic traditions from other cultures.  This program encompasses a group exhibition and a series of public events including demonstrations, workshops, and calligraphers' talks.  Calligraphies in Conversation will be produced in partnership with the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California.

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