Using ACTAonline: Making Comments

We invite our website visitors to join our online community by using the comment feature of our site to share, reflect, inquire, and discuss.

To make a comment:

If you want to comment on an article, complete the comment form at the end of each article.  If you want to reply to just an individual comment already made, click on the Reply link at the end of that comment and then complete the comment form.

•  Complete the Name, Email, Homepage, and Subject fields.  (We will never publish your email address.)
•  Compose your comment in the Comment field.
•  Subscribe or unsuscribe to new comments (we will email you when new comments are made) by checking or unchecking the box under the
   Comments field.
          •  If you want to subscribe to comments, you must enter a valid email address in the Email field.
          •  You have the choice of being notified when any new comment to the article is made, or just when replies to your specific comment
             are made.
•   Click the Preview button to see your comment as it will be posted.
          •  Make any desired edits to your comment.
•  Click the Save button to post your comment to our website.