Prumsodun Ok

Cambodian classical dance

Prumsodun performing as Prince Vorachhun, princely manifestation of the earth during the World Festival of Sacred Music in 2008; Prumsodun as Neang Sovann Atmani from his original work, "Robam Lom Arom."Prumsodun Ok is an artist working in dance, film, video, text, and design. He began his training in Cambodian classical dance with award-winning choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and studied with filmmakers Ernie Gehr, Brook Hinton, Jeanne Liotta, Sam Green, and composer Charles Boone at the San Francisco Art Institute.  He began his samba training with Maisa Duke and her Energia do Samba in San Francisco.

Prumsodun has taught dance and filmmaking through out California and performed at venues such as the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Mission Arts and Performance Project, Grand Performances Summer Concert Series, and Sacred Festival of Music and Dance.  Beginning in 2006 he directed and produced the SFAI Asian Performance Series, creating a space for performers working in Asian and Asian-based forms such as Koyano Tetsuro, Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, Larry Reed, Kanoko Nishi, Ue Chau, and PLAZA in a school dedicated to contemporary visual art. Moving Images from the San Francisco Art Institute, a collection of films and videos Prumsodun curated, was presented at INTERCITY, a three year exchange between artists representing twenty-six cities, fourteen countries and four continents taking place at METAHOUSE in Phnom Penh.

Prumsodun's youngest sister, Khannia, dressed as Peavanea Voleak from his original work, "Robam Teveateasei."Since leaving San Francisco, Prumsodun resumed his training with Sophiline Cheam Shapiro and her Khmer Arts Ensemble in Takhmao, Cambodia, where he practiced intensively in female, male, and demonic roles with master artist Penh Yom as well.  He began choreographing after these summer residencies while teaching dance at the Khmer Arts Academy and videomaking at the YMCA of Youth Institute of Greater Long Beach.  His original dance works have been supported by a Durfee Artists’ Resource for Completion Grant, Margaret McKinney Folk and Traditional Arts Fellowship awarded by the Arts Council for Long Beach, and the Alliance for California Traditional Arts; they have been performed at venues such as the Red Poppy Art House, Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, and CounterPULSE.  Prumsodun was one of thirteen artists chosen in 2009 to participate in CounterPULSE’s Performing Diaspora, a festival, residency program, commissioning program, and symposium featuring dance, music, theater, media and interdisciplinary artists who are using traditional forms as a basis for experimentation and innovation.

Prumsodun currently lives in Los Angeles where he curates the Khmer Arts Salon Series, is a videographer for the Cambodian Community History and Archiving Project, and pursues his research and training at UCLA’s World Arts and Cultures Department.

Prumsodun was a master artist in ACTA's Apprenticeship Program, with is sister and apprentice Khannia Ok.  The apprenticeship focused on developing Khannia’s abilities as a solo performer through the intensive study of Robam Apsara and Robam Tiyae, two pieces of traditional choreography.

As a participant in ACTA's Traditional Arts Development Program in 2009, Prumsodun worked with master Cambodian classical dancer and choreographer Sophiline Cheam Shapiro on the commission and production of a costume for his dance work, Robam Teveateasei (Peavani Voleak).

Prumsodun participated in ACTA's Apprentice Program in 2007, as an apprentice to master Cambodian classical dancer and choreographer Charya Burt.

Prumsodun has also been a featured artist and speaker as part of ACTA's Traditional Arts Roundtable Series.



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Prumsodun's sister and 2011 apprentice, Khannia, as Peavanea Voleak from his original work "Robam Teveateasei" (Prumsodun Ok)
Prumsodun's sister and 2011 apprentice, Khannia, as Peavanea Voleak from his original work "Robam Teveateasei" (Serey Tep)

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