Patricia A. Montgomery

African American quilting

Detail of "Sync IV," a quilt by master artist Patricia A. Montgomery (Photo courtesy of Patricia A. Montgomery)African American quilting is often characterized by vivid color palettes, strong contrasting color combinations, asymmetrical and strip piecing, uneven and large quilting stitches, the use of hidden protective charm symbols, large design elements, appliquéd images, and interpretations of traditional Anglo-American patterns.  A marriage of American quilting traditions and West and Central African textile traditions, African American quilting styles, designs, and techniques are used to record and share events of cultural, historical, and familial importance to the quilter.

Patricia A. Montgomery has been quilting for over four decades; she taught herself to quilt after learning how to sew in a high school home economics class.  Since 2001, she has been a member of the African American Quilting Guild of Oakland.  Patricia's quilts have been exhibited both within the United States and internationally.

Patricia was a master artist in ACTA's Apprenticeship Program in 2011, with apprentice Helen Anderson.  The apprenticeship built upon Helen’s mastery of practical skills to encourage her creative acumen as she created six story quilts of her own design.


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"Red Door," a quilt by master artist Patricia A. Montgomery (Photo courtesy of the artist)
"Sync IV," a quilt by master artist Patricia A. Montgomery (Photo courtesy of the artist)
1.Helen Anderson’s 1st quilt, Recalling the Journey, developed under the Apprenticeship Program (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
2.Detail of the Adinkra symbol of the Sankofa bird, a symbol for learning from the past (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
3.Detail of log cabin block pattern (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
4.Detail of log cabin block pattern (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
5.Helen Anderson (apprentice, left) and Patricia Montgomery (master, right) holding Anderson’s quilt (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
6.Helen Anderson’s 2nd piece (working title) The Answer Prayer (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
7.Detail of center piece (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
8.Detail of the center Adinkra symbol Gye Nyame, which represents the presence of God (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
9.Detail of hand – representing the reaching towards God’s altar (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)
91.Detail of Nyame Nti (ferns), which represent the grace of God (Photo: Russell Rodríguez)

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