Living Cultures Grants Program

The Hmong Association of Long Beach's Qeej Not Gang program, which teaches youth and adults a variety of traditional arts practices, has been supported by grants from ACTA's Living Cultures Grants Program.The Living Cultures Grants Program seeks to sustain and strengthen the folk and traditional arts in the state of California with grants of $5,000 to California-based nonprofits, as well as other organizations who work with fiscal sponsors.

As the Living Cultures Grants Program celebrates its 10th year, there are several significant changes to the guidelines and application.  The changes are due in part to a reduced grantmaking budget and retooling the program design to maximize the impact of the LCGP grants on small budget organizations.  Please refer to the guidelines below for a full program description, but some of the changes incorporated this year include:

• a cap on organizational budget size for eligible applicants ($250,000);

• a one-year waiting period for those who have received three consecutive years of LCGP funding;

• and, three pathways of nurturing, sustaining, and engaging in traditional arts practice serve as a framework for prospective applications.

How does my organization apply?

Guidelines and application forms are available for download below.

Living Cultures Grants Program Guidelines & Application

Programa de Culturas Vivas
Guía de Como Solicitar Fondos & Formas Para Someter su Solicitud

FECHA LÍMITE: Agosto 1, 2014


What We Fund — Pathways to nurture, sustain, and engage participation in traditional arts practices

Cultural continuity of traditional art forms practices

• Workshops and gatherings (for example, events that bring together artists, cultural specialists or community leaders to share skills & information, or to engage in discussion and problem solving)

• Conservation, creation, or acquisition of important traditional arts items
Intergenerational classes or other educational programs within a community (after school youth programs, dance ensemble classes or practices, summer programs, etc.)

• Other kinds of mentorships with culture bearers, honoraria, travel costs within CA, etc. (intensive one-on-one artistic mentorships should apply to the Apprenticeship Program rather than LCGP)

• Endangered language conservation and revitalization projects when carried out within the context of traditional art forms

• Other types of activities and projects that lead to cultural continuity of traditional arts practices

Sustaining future traditional arts practices with needed purchases, services, or acquiring new skills

• Equipment and materials purchases (instruments, media equipment, costumes or regalia, etc.)

• Documentation of traditional arts, skills, ceremonies, beliefs, or performances

• An investment to result in future revenues (fee for services for marketing connsultation, website development, financial planning)

• Learning new skills by supporting mentorships with advisors or cultural specialists

• Other types of activities and projects that lead to long term sustainability of traditional arts practices

Engaging and strengthening our own communities as well as engaging with others

• Public presentations, such as community-based concerts, festivals, and exhibitions that foster active par¬ticipation

• Workshops and gatherings (for example, events that bring together artists, cultural specialists or community cultural leaders to share skills & information, or to engage in discussion and problem solving)

• Other types of activities and projects that lead to active participation in traditional arts practices within and between cultural communities

For More Information

Lily Kharrazi
Program Manager
(415) 346-5200



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