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Holly Calica - Posted on 21 June 2013

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I am very happy to announce that our weavers are off to a wonderful start.

 First set of belts by our weavers before completion.A New Beginning: First set of belts by our weavers before completion.


Many completing their first belts and a few beginning their skirts. We have shared the Kalinga traditional art of Laga throughout the San Francisco Bay Area in three community celebrations in the larger FilAm communities of the Sonoma and San Mateo counties. I was very excited to see that our favorite fans are children, who are immediately intrigued by experiencing the art of Laga firsthand. Next year we will expand our work to children so that our families and the larger community can learn this tradition.

We are very happy to announce our new website which shares photos and thoughts about our work. Enjoy as you learn more about Laga, CA Circle.

You can connect with us on Facebook too. Join us & be our friend!!!

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