Kwashi Amevuvor

Ewe drumming

Kwashi Amevuvor was born in the village of Dzodze located in Southern Ghana. Kwashi's father was the chief drummer of his village and his mother was a dancer and composer. Kwashi and his family of four sisters and seven brothers all followed in their father's footsteps becoming performers of traditional Ghanian music and dance.

Kwashi came to the US in 1979 via a stint in Germany where he was invited to teach workshops and perform at the Berlin Festival. Prior to that, in 1975, he played percussion with the Youth Organization of Orchestras by invitation of the British government. Kwashi settled in Los Angeles in the early 1980s and began teaching music and African culture. He also appeared and played in the films The Color Purple, Coming To America, and Under Fire.

Kwashi was a master artists in ACTA's Apprenticeship Program in 2006 with apprentice, Agbi Ladzekpo. He also particpated in ACTA's Traditional Arts Development Program in 2005.

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