Beatriz Muniz - Posted on 22 June 2011

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I wanted to talk about our gathering last Thursday. We went through the Oru Seco as usual but then I was told to play the Itotole. I thought there was confusion or something and asked if he really wanted me on that drum. Yes, as he (Master Drummer) was going to sing akpuon. Great! I can get a feel for this drum. And what a difference. Firstly, it is wider than the Okonkolo so just holding it is different! That will be a challenge if I play it again. But the other thing is the conversation between the Iya and the Itotole. Luckily I knew the songs and it made it just a bit easier to play. And again, I am so greatful to be learning bata. And humbled by the Master Bata Drummer and the depth of his knowledge. And his teach ability . Thank you!

 Apprentice on Itotole

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