Del McCoury Protests the NEA Plan to abolish the National Heritage Fellowships

ACTA - Posted on 07 April 2011

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Last week, the Washington Post arts and culture blog ran a story about National Heritage Fellow and Bluegrass legend Del McCoury who is against the National Endowment for the Arts plans to abolish the popular National Heritage Fellowships beginning in 2012.  In this budget cycle, the NEA has proposed taking the Jazz Master Fellowships, the National Heritage Fellowships and the NEA Opera Honors and creating a new honorific called NEA American Artists of the Year.

McCoury sent out a letter to the hundreds of recipients of the Heritage awards, who include basketmakers, boatmakers, quilters, fiddlers and stonemasons. “It’s now particularly disturbing to hear,” about the plans, he wrote. “All of us must take immediate action to keep this from happening.”   To read more go to: Del McCoury protests the NEA plan to merge its honorary awards.

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