Day 5

Lance Zazueta - Posted on 09 May 2010

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Today I took a day to work on some others things in the shop because I wanted the leather such as the gound seat and that needed to dry out really good from being wet with all the forming and stuff. I had two belt and one headstall order. One belt was for the D Bar M Western Store in Reno, Nevada and it was a basket stamp. The other was an acorn stamp for a guy. The headstall was for a friend of mine. I dont have pictures of the belts.

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Hi, I have a 1977 PCQHA award saddle made by Mr. Thissel.  I have looked everywhere to find a matching breast collar.  I found a Martin headstall and the buckstitching is almost a perfect match.  I would love to have a breast collar out of the same pattern and silver as the saddle.  I didn't win the saddle, a friend of mine won two in the 70's and said they are 'GREAT'.  I found this on consignment in the early 80's and I've had it ever since.   Any help is appreciated.  Thanks and have a great day.

Karen.  Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on Lance's blog.  I want to make sure Lance and Gaylerd are able to respond to your inquiry; could you please send an email to with your contact information?  I will forward it to Lance.

Thanks again!

Suzanne Hildebrand, Website Coordinator

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