CounterPULSE Announces Performing Diaspora Blog

ACTA - Posted on 22 June 2009

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CounterPULSE’s Performing Diaspora is a festival, residency program, commissioning program, and symposium featuring dance, music, theater, media, and interdisciplinary artists who are using traditional forms as a basis for experimentation and innovation.  The artists will be in residence from June through October, developing new work at CounterPULSE and in their home communities.

The artists were selected by Sherwood Chen, Alliance for California Traditional Arts; Laura Elaine Ellis, African and African American Performing Arts Coalition; and Debra Smith, Arab Cultural and Community center.

This month, CounterPULSE introduces the Performing Diaspora Blog, an online dialogue forum that will introduce the selected Performing Diaspora Residents, offering an opportunity to learn each performer resident’s vision for the residency and dialogue about their process, their challenges, and their successes.  The first blog entries from the performers open a window to their traditions, and the themes, challenges and development of their resident works.

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